Mas Llunes carries out a biodiversity recovery project

Mas Llunes du a terme un projecte de recuperació de la biodiversitat

The plain of Alt Empordà and the foot of Albera maintain an agroforestry mosaic in a good state of conservation, where you can observe some of the last Girona populations of rare and threatened species, such as the gray sparrow, the little kestrel , the executioner and the common terrerola.

The Mediterranean turtle is also a protected and threatened species in Catalonia established thousands of years ago in our lands and we want it to continue to exist. That’s why we keep the edges of our vineyards vegetated, so that they act as natural connectors and the turtle can move, feed or shelter there. And we preserve the stone walls, where you can easily observe the ocellated lizard, very present in this area.

To preserve biodiversity, we have also built two natural ponds taking into account the vegetation typical of the temporary ponds present in Albera. This ecosystem facilitates the watering of fauna, especially during the summer months and enriches the presence of amphibians, birds, dragonflies, butterflies and other invertebrates.

By installing shelter boxes and nest boxes in the middle of our vineyards, we enhance the presence of bats, excellent allies in the fight against pests, and birds such as the little kestrel or the blue jay.
To contribute to environmental awareness and to show how it is possible for the viticulture activity to coexist with the conservation of the natural environment and the promotion of biodiversity, we have signposted an itinerary through our vineyards and thus show the uniqueness of the flora and fauna that is part of it Guided route on specific days.

Foto Gaig Vinya: Marina Comas

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