Mas Llunes has an age-old history

Our ancestors were already working the land in Garriguella in 1389. Today we follow the dream they started.

Our philosophy

We work with native varieties such as Garnacha and Carinyena and we pay extreme attention to our vineyards since the secret of our quality lies in taking care of the raw material.

In our house we tend to say that extraordinary grapes come from extraordinary vines. And from an extraordinary grape comes an exceptional wine. This is the main reason why we only make wines from our own vineyards , some of which are over a hundred years old. When you have treasures like these there is no one better than yourself to take care of them.

Following the rules of organic production, we strive to obtain wines with personality and marked Empordà character, and the 150,000 bottles we produce annually are the result of this way of understanding wine.

We move forward into the future without losing sight of our roots because we would like our ancestors to see us and be proud of how we do things.

Filosofia de Mas Llunes a Garriguella
Clima del celler Mas Llunes

The climate in Garriguella

We enjoy a privileged Mediterranean climate for our vineyards: cold winters but not too intense and hot summers but tempered by sea breezes.

Even the Tramuntana, the strong north wind so common in the Empordà, is a favorable characteristic for our wines as it dries the vines, avoids moisture and helps to find the ideal maturation. In addition, it gives them their own character and our wines proudly bear their brand.

The soils of our vineyards

The soil is the base from which the grapes get their nutrients and the water they need to live, grow and mature. The vast majority of our arable land is slate land.

These soils are acidic, poor in organic matter and have good drainage; ideal conditions for planting vines. It also gives them a high degree of concentration and minerality, which gives our wines that distinct Empordà character.

Situació del celler Mas Llunes
Preservació de la biodiversitat al celler Mas Llunes

Preservation of biodiversity

Committed to preserving the environment, we promote harmony between the vines and native biodiversity.

By installing shelter boxes and nest boxes in the middle of our vineyards, we enhance the presence of bats, excellent allies in the fight against pests, and birds such as the little kestrel or the blue jay.

The construction of two natural ponds taking into account the vegetation typical of the temporary ponds present in Albera facilitates the watering of fauna and enriches the presence of amphibians, birds, dragonflies, butterflies and other invertebrates in our vineyards.

Our situation

At Mas Llunes we are lucky to have such a rich and diverse landscape. We are bordered to the north by the Pyrenees, which in winter give us unique views of the snow-capped mountains.

To the east we have the Mediterranean with its calm waters and its fine beach sands and to the south the green plain of Emporda which when you look at it conveys that tranquility so difficult to find in cities.

The wine will make you come but these lands will make you stay.

Situació del celler Mas Llunes