We work with local varieties such as Grenache and Carignan, and pay the utmost to our vines, as the secret of our quality comes down to taking care of the raw materials.

We’ve always said that extraordinary wines produce extraordinary roots. And extraordinary roots bring extraordinary wines. This is the main reason why we only produce wines from own vines, some of which are over one hundred years old. When you have treasures like these, no one can care for them quite as well as you.

Following organic production standards, we strive to produce wines with personality and true Empordà character, and the 125.000 bottles we create each year are the fruit of this method of understanding wine.

We are moving into the future without losing sight of our roots, because we like to think that our ancestors would be proud of seeing how we go about things.


Our vines are lucky to have a Mediterranean climate in Garriguella: cold winters, but without being too intense, and warm summers that are cooled by a sea breeze.

Finally, the tramontane, the strong northern wind that is common in the Empordà region, is a favourable characteristic for our wines, given that is dries the vines, prevents humidity and helps to reach ideal maturation. Furthermore, it provides a unique quality to our wines, which are able to wear their label with pride.


Soil is the foundation where roots take in the nutrients and water they need to live, grow and mature. The vast majority of our arable land is chalky in nature.

This soil is acidic, low in organic material and drains well; such conditions are ideal for planting vines. It also provides them with a high degree of concentrations and minerals, which gives our wines that typical Empordà quality.


We’re lucky to have such a rich and diverse landscape at Mas Llunes. To the north, we border the Pyrenees, which adorns us with unique views of snow-capped mountains during the winter.

To the east, we find the Mediterranean Sea, with its calm waters and fine, white-sand beaches, and to the south, we have the green plains of the Empordà region, which transmits a vast sense of tranquillity that’s so hard to find in cities.

The wine will bring you here but the lands will make you stay.