No sulfites

Esventat Negre



Vi Esventat Negre del Celler Mas Llunes

First name

It means that it has suffered the action of the wind, which is "touched by the Tramuntana". It reinforces the idea of ​​a wine that aims to break moulds.


Manual harvest and fermentation in a refrigerated stainless steel tank at a temperature of 22/24 ºC with the addition of a foot of vat previously prepared with indigenous yeasts from the vineyard itself. Two daily fermentations were carried out, decubing at 25 days from the start of fermentation. The length of incubation is determined by taste.
Malolactic fermentation is carried out in tank.
It underwent minimal clarification and filtration treatments before bottling.
No addition of sulfites was made throughout the manufacturing process.


100% Grenache black

Tasting note

Picota cherry color. Balsamic aroma, predominant candied fuita and cherries with light notes of chestnut. In the mouth it is wide and fresh.

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