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Vi Dolç Moscat del Celler Mas Llunes

First name

EMPORION is the name of the ancient Greek colony founded by the Phocaeans, today's Empúries, where the oldest wine references of the Iberian Peninsula were found, dating from the sixth century BC. and where the name EMPORDÀ comes from that identifies the region and the Denomination of Origin.

The winged horse Pegasus identified EMPORION on the coins (drachmas) that were minted in the colony at the time of the Greeks and later the Romans.


The grapes from vineyards on slate land were harvested manually at the time of harvest to achieve a homogeneous and optimal degree of ripeness.
The different varieties were fermented separately in stainless fermentation tanks refrigerated at a constant temperature of 24º C. Two daily remounts were made, decubing at 21-30 days from the start of fermentation, depending on the variety. The length of incubation was determined by tasting.

Malolactic fermentation is carried out in tank.

It underwent minimal clarification and filtration treatments before bottling.


Black Grenache (57%), Cabernet Sauvignon (43%)

Tasting note

Cherry color with maroon trim. It is a complex wine, with a clean, frank and fresh aroma, where ripe, acidic fruit stands out, such as berries and cherries, balsamic notes and spices such as pepper, cocoa and licorice. In the mouth it is a lively, powerful, fresh, balsamic and spicy wine.


2016 90 points Peñin Guide 2020
Girovi Gold Medal 2020

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